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A2 Trendy

This super cool high spec folding e bike with Power Assisted System is front motor driven making it easy to ride along roads and up hills. It is perfectly suited for commuting and your family holidays. The new foldable electric bike that is here to improve your commute and daily life.

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A20 Fatty

The A20 Fatty e bike is a super stylish, high spec folding electric bike that’s here to revolutionize your cruising along roads, up the hills, along the beach, on the snow, on the mud… name it. It’s your ideal modern cruise for sporting, holidays and commuting as well.

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A23 E2GO

The A23 E2GO electric bike brings a way to improve your daily life and commute to work. Frustrations such as gridlocked traffic and having nowhere to park are specific to cars are common, so why not ditch the car for an option that breezes through those problems?

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